Types of Cannabis Strains and Their Effects

Recent studies have confirmed that the cannabis plant has the potential to treat several medical conditions including anxiety, epilepsy and chronic pain. But not all cannabis produces the same effects on users since there are different strains of this plant. The different strains produce various effects on users and unless you understand which one you are using and for what purpose, you may find yourself in the state of cannabis misuse. Each strain has its unique values and contains unique chemicals that can be used for diverse reasons. But they are used for different reasons according to the strain type. 

The use of cannabis is mainly for recreational and medicinal purposes. For many years it has been used primarily for recreational purpose leading to abuse of the substance. It is until recently that it was discovered that cannabis has the potential to help with several medical conditions. There are three basic strains of cannabis; Indica, Sativa and hybrid. 

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is found in Eastern Asia even though it has gained widespread cultivation worldwide. This plant is relatively tall, approximately 4.5 metres or more, with long internodes and branches and tapered leaves. The leaves are narrow-bladed and long. Sativa is believed to have a more energizing effect than the other two strains. Apart from being used for recreational and as medicine, it is also used as a source of industrial fiber, food and seed oil. It is also used to control spiritual and religious moods. 


Cannabis Sativa has been found to help reduce anxiety and pain due to the CBD to THC ratio. A higher ratio of CBD against THC is less likely to induce anxiety. Due to its relaxing effects, it is mostly used for recreational and medicinal purposes. 

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is found in the Hindu Kush Mountains of India. It is more energizing than Sativa, with more CBD as opposed to THC although THC is no less. Due to the higher ratio of CBD to THC, it is used in reducing anxiety, epileptic bouts and chronic pain. Records show that cannabis is more effective against cancer pain and now.

Cannabis Ruderalis(hybrid)

The demand for Cannabis continues to rise which has given rise to many different breeds. Cannabis Hybrid is bred from numerous different strains for demand in the market. The strain is shorter with wider leaves unlike the other two. The most common hybrids are: 

Sativa*Sativa is the cross-breeding of various types of Sativa strains.

Indica*Indica is the cross-breeding of various strains of Indica Strains

Sativa* Indica is a strain with Sativa-dominant characteristics

Indica* Sativa is a strain with Indica-dominant characteristics

Cannabis is now gaining more importance due to the numerous health benefits according to recent polls carried in the US. There is a growing demand in parts of the world to have it legalized for its health benefits. More research should be carried out on the authenticity of these benefits and if proven to be biologically true, then a new approach should be adopted towards the use of cannabis.

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