How Cannabis Works in Inducing Sleep

Sleep is critical for maintaining our physical, mental, and emotional health. There are lots of people experiencing sleeping disorders, hence the rise of interest in one debated treatment: Cannabis Sativa/marijuana ganja online.  

Cannabis induces a state of relaxation that may encourage sleep. Some medical practitioners prescribe medical marijuana as a treatment for various sleeping disorders. 

Cannabis sativa contains different cannabinoids, two of which are dominant: 

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – this is the non-psychoactive element; it does not cause the euphoric feeling 
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – this is the psychoactive component responsible for that euphoric feeling. 

A study was conducted where participants having sleeping difficulties and those without used cannabis before bedtime. Both groups established that using cannabis reduced the time taken to get to sleep. 

Cannabis has a therapeutic effect on people whose sleep is disrupted by anxiety, such as in the case of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Although it helps them sleep, the long-term result of using the herb is unclear thus the need for more research in using cannabis to aid sleep. 

Consider these before you try using cannabis to aid sleep: 

  • Use marijuana responsibly. Smoking is branded a health risk. Smoking marijuana is hazardous especially for those that have respiratory illnesses.  
  • Consuming cannabis during pregnancy or breastfeeding is not commended. 
  • Medicinal use of marijuana is not legal in many states.  
  • Do not use any sleep aid for a long time. Visit a doctor who will advise you accordingly.  

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After your doctor approves the use of marijuana to aid with sleep you can visit a dispensary where you can choose a strain Cannabis. These are common varieties one will come across: 

  • Indica strain that causes a soothing and relaxing effect. Often recommended for inducing sleep. 
  • Sativa strain makes people feel eager, cheerful and energized. 
  • Hybrid. An mixture of both sativa and indica.   

Most people consume marijuana by smoking, vaping, or tinctures that are put under the tongue. For one to be sure how much marijuana to use, it might take several takes to get the dosage that is right for you. Disclaimer: A little bit goes a long way and overdoing it can result in dizziness in the morning.  


Lack of sleep can have a significant effect on a person’s mental and physical health. Using Cannabis requires restraint because it is unclear whether the drug can aid with getting sleep since studies produce mixed results on the case. 

Over time cannabis use can be addictive and to have an undesirable effect on mental health, particularly in people who may be susceptible to mental health conditions. Taking cannabis to induce sleep is an unnatural method that can lead to a dependency on the herb. 

We should try some of the following methods to combat sleeping problems: 

  • Eating healthy foods; a balanced diet 
  • Going to bed early 
  • Ensure the room is dark and quiet when going to sleep 
  • Exercise regularly  
  • Avoid caffeine close to time for bed 
  • Avoid consuming large meals within an hour before bed