Factors to consider when choosing any kind of strain


Cannabis commonly known as marijuana can be broken down into three subspecies namely; cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and cannabis ruderalis. Ruderalis has low levels of psychoactive cannabiod. It is also hardly cultivated for use as a drug. Let take a look on the main factors to consider when choosing between cannabis sativa vs cannabis indica strains.

A stable approach

A lot of people prefer to take a more balanced THC-CBD strain. This is because a stable strain is still able to produce the psychoactive experience though they are not as intense as THC- prevailing strains. CBD is the strain that induces or reduces THC’s ability to produce nervousness. This is one of the main elements to consider when choosing between indica vs. sativa strains. When the THC and CBD are balanced, the person taking the drug is not in a higher risk to experience negative side effects.

How dominant is CBD?

When choosing any kind of strain, one may prefer not to have the THC strains added. People who want to stay cool mainly prefer to have this type of strain. When CBD is in a higher percentage, the user is not subjected to the anxiety feeling.

THC dominancy

Other that choosing a cool effect of CBD, other people may prefer to choose a WeedSmart which is dominated with THC. THC causes a person to have a ‘high’ effect. This effect varies from one person to another. In case a person is new to cannabis consumption, THC can cause adverse effects to you so it is advisable to start with a moderate or lower amount of THC in order to learn your preferences and tolerance towards the drug.

Amount of cannabinoids and terpenes

The amount of cannabinoid and terpenes are also some of the factors to use when choosing between indica vs sativa strains. the more weed you consume, the more effect it is going to have on you keeping in mind that there are other cannabinoids and terpenes found in a given terpene besides THC and CBD.

In summary, it is wise to consider the above factors when choosing any kind of strain depending on the effect you want.

Highly Recommended Top Cannabis Strains for 2021

Cannabis strains exist in pure form or hybrid. The strains come from any of the 3 species: cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis, and cannabis indica. Cannabis growers are more concerned with properties like taste, smell, colour and place of origin. Top cannabis strains for 2021 are already in the market for purchase. Each strain is developed with specific enhanced feature depending on the intended use. Here are top strains that are likely to rock in 2021. 

  1. Gushers  

This strain has been developed by crossing Gelato#41 with Triangle Kush. Gelato has attracted people’s attention and several strains developed for 2021 have been crossed with it. Gushers have been in existence for a while, and it was an award-winning brand in 2018. It comes with an amazing aromatic lemon flavored smell. Users of this strain have confessed experiencing relaxation feeling, reduced stress and lowered depression. 

  1. Critical Kush 

This is among the most used and preferred cannabis variety globally. It is popular for amazing taste, euphoria-inducing properties, and its freshness. It has a strong citrusy and  

  1. Strawberry Banana 

It is also called Strawnana. This strain belongs to The Green Ace Weed store. It was developed by genetically crossing Strawberry and Banana Kush. It has the fruity flavor that is sweet. It produces large amounts of resin and THC. When consumed, it creates sensory awareness, happiness feelings, sharpens creativity, and peaceful effects. 

  1. Lamb’s breed 

It is mainly found in Jamaica, but has spread to various regions. It is considered as the favorite choice of Bob Marley. Lamb’s breed is a sativa strain, and it is loved by those who wish have lots of energy, relieve stress, ease anxiety, and euphoria effects. It creates a mental balance and can be used any time. Lamb’s breed used for medical and also recreational purposes. 

  1. Sherblato 

This cannabis strain has gained lots of stability over the past few years. It is developed by crossing Gelato and Sherbert. Sherbert has high THC content and its use results to relaxation feeling, happiness, calm and hunger. 

  1. Jungle cake 

Jungle cake, usually smokes, is an enhanced cannabis strain with a jungle cake look.  

  1. Purple lemonade 

Consumers like Purple lemonade due to its sugary flavor. It has a combination of both sativa energy, and the deep relaxation of indica. It can be used at any time of the day without causing any distraction because it has low levels of THC. 

  1. Apple Fritter 

Apple Fritter will be the year’s option for medical marijuana. It produces apple flavors  

  1. Tropicana banana 

This type of cannabis can be easily cultivated because it is very resistant to diseases and pests. It is dominated by sativa as a dominant hybrid. Tropicana banana provides uplifting effects. 

There are favorites which are expected to retail their popularity in 2021. Other top cannabis strains for 2021 that are likely to remain popular are Afgoo, Blue dream, Banana OG, and OG Kush. These are favorites of all the time, and definitely consumers will go for them. Where cannabis is legal, cultivators will always focus on improving the strains they grow and develop new varieties.