Functional mushrooms have a long history and are now beginning to gain attention even in areas where they were not very common. They are rare but have numerous foredeals related to health. 

The benefits include: 

             Mentally beneficial 

Functional mushrooms like Lion’s mane stimulate growth of a protein required for nerve cells growth and functioning. This is beneficial to the brain as it enhances cognitive ability and improves memory. This also goes a long way in ensuring that one is alert and focused on the activity that they are involved in. Creativity of a person is also enhanced making him or her able to come up with novel ideas. 

               Immunity check 

Reishi helps the body to regulate immunity resources so that they do not go to waste unnecessarily. It enhances sensitization of antigens so that the body can ward off disease causing organisms in the best manner possible. The beta-glucan molecules in them uphold and guard our immune systems. When the immune system underperforms, they also serve to boost the body’s ability to fight illnesses so that one is at ideal health. 

             Cardiovascular support  

Others like the Reishi species regulate the amount of cholesterol being deposited in blood vessels. This helps to prevent blockage of blood vessels within the heart that could lead to coronary thrombosis and other heart related complications. 

            Provides energy 

Cordyceps militaris species helps in boosting stamina ensuring you are more endurant to exercises. This is because it raises the maximum amount of oxygen that one can take at a time. Naturally, one’s body energy also increases because the cells are able to get more oxygen. 

           Helps to relieve stress 

Species like Reishi have compounds that help to exert a normalizing effect on stressors, both mental and physical. They strengthen the body’s response to stress so that we can be adequately prepared for anxiety or anything of the sort. This helps one’s body to relax and be calm. 

        Enhances good health in the intestines 

They enable the responsible intestinal cells to prevent blockage in the gut and inflammation brought by growth of bacteria in the intestines. 

          Good skin health 

Chaga species does antimicrobial activity which comes in handy to those with conditions of the skin like eczema, acne and rosacea. Tremella is mainly composed of polysaccharides that help to hydrate the skin by drawing moisture onto its surface. They can as well enter the skin to moisturize it naturally making it to glow and reduce wrinkle appearance. The antioxidants in them also help to fight skin damage, minimize dark spots, scars and sun spots. By reducing the rate of production of melanin, they also help the skin to brighten up. 

In conclusion, functional mushrooms have many boons that are aimed at the wellness and well-being of an individual. Different species have slightly varying benefits but all the same, they are geared towards physical and mental health. 

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