Marketing Cannabis Brands Without Adverts

The marketing of cannabis can be frustrating on digital platforms unlike other sellers marketing other products. The drawback is due to legal battles, Taboos among others. Traditional marketing such as prints, radio, television among others is still very strict against this product. The increasing global demand for this product is however bringing up the need for proper and aggressive marketing. Some brands have however been able to use Google to market medical cannabis with success. There is a relaxed attitude currently in society with cannabis. 

Inbound tactics are useful when marketing this product. The use of an educational form of approach in marketing is important. Some platforms are useful in this type of marketing and can be highly useful. To begin with, is Instagram. This is a highly visual platform that makes it easier to reach the prospective customers with a lot of ease. Instagram has been used as a digital store window for potential customers. This will require content strategy. The posting schedule should also be well planned to reach a wide range of customers. An updated list of highly relevant hashtags should also be made for Instagram alone. 

Facebook is also an important access media especially for customers aged 45 years and above as they prefer this platform. Facebook is for the older generation. The Facebook business page may not directly advertise but the document can be found in the search results. Facebook Messenger Chatbox is another useful marketing tool. This can be highly effective in accessing customers. The Facebook video can also be highly effective as a big number of people love videos. The content should be well planned and an attractive style applied. 

Search Engine Optimization can also be useful. This will however take some time up to even six months before the results. A comprehensive keyword strategy is needed to enhance the results. SMS messaging is also an effective way of communicating and accessing customers. It’s also preferred by most customers who value privacy. 

The use of Cannabis Websites and Blogs is another used method in accessing potential customers. The highly visited websites especially those visited on a daily basis by the customers are better and more effective.  

There are various don’ts during the marketing however that can help preserve the self-image despite the marketing. Don’t overlook self-image in every post. Ensure to look and act professionally. Ensure to be up to date with regulations to not fall on the wrong side with laws and regulations of each social media and website. Don’t show cannabis consumption in the posts or videos. Avoid running Ads. Don’t lie, attach every claim to studies or prior researches to maintain a reputable self-image. In conclusion, marketing of cannabis can be a tricky business. With the knowledge of the hurdles on the way and how to bypass them then it’s time for action. 

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