Eligibility Requirements For A Cannabis Licence In Canada

With legalization of cannabis in Canada, the sale, manufacture and production of the product is expected to rise over the years. In case therefore you have been wondering of where to invest your money, then starting a cannabis dispensary in Canada is a good idea, as it will help you make massive profit which is the dream of every business owner. However, you will need to acquire the necessary licenses from the local municipal council of the province you intend to set up your cannabis dispensary. It is worth noting that some of the provinces in Canada have not yet legalized the sale of cannabis by private entities and therefore, you need to research before embarking in applying for a cannabis licence. Below are the requirements that you must meet to qualify for the cannabis licence in Canada. You can also buy weed online.

You must be of legal age

The Cannabis Act in Canada is very precise and clear, that the only people who are allowed to sell, manufacture or produce cannabis are those of legal age. The legal age in Canada is 18 years and therefore, only people who are that age and above are allowed to get a cannabis licence. In case therefore you are below 18 years, you are regarded as a minor and therefore it will be throwing a can down a hill for you to apply for the licence.

You must have the financial might

Another requirement that you need to surpass for you to qualify for the cannabis licence, is the financial might. You must prove that you can be able to run your cannabis dispensary without a hitch. In order to prove this therefore, you will be required to provide the local municipal authorities with your financial records. It is worth noting that when you are declared bankrupt, your cannabis licence is also revoked as you are considered unable to run the business. Therefore, if you need a cannabis licence, you need to make sure that your credit score is on point as well as debt to income ratio.

You must provide a business plan

When applying for a cannabis licence in Canada, you are required to provide a detailed business plan for your that you intend to start up. Your business plan in this case must have the overview of the cannabis dispensary business, how you intend to operate your dispensary as well as how you intend to fund the business. It is therefore incumbent upon you to prepare a good business plan, before applying for a cannabis licence. This will not only place you at a good place of qualifying for the licence but also lessen the period of processing your cannabis licence.